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A picture paints a thousand words!

Instagram is THE “place-to-be” in regards to marketing your business. People can even find your Instagram account if they are looking for something on Google. That is amazing, right?! But that’s not all.

Here are 5 ways to grow your Instagram account organically.

These are 5 super simple tricks you can implement right away.
1. Optimize Your Instagram Username

Your username acts like a “keyword”.  Let’s use it as such. For example, “Myown Graphic Design” would be a great name for me to use for graphic design, so when someone searches those keywords, my page would show up.

Try using keywords related to your business/brand in your IG name. If you have a local business, you can also try using your location in your name.

2. Create Visual Appeal

Instagram is a visual platform.

Your images should be clean and great quality. Make sure it is easy to see what your main subject is for most of your photos. Using an app or two to help enhance the quality of your photos is a great idea as well.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords!!

People can search for a hashtag on Instagram to find you.

Be sure to use the hashtags effectively, to use no more than 30, and to not use the same hashtags over and over. Instagram begins to notice this and will hide your keywords in the “Top Post Search”.

4. Track Your Post

Keeping an eye on which posts are bringing in the most likes and comments, will help you to know what content your target audience is attracted to. Using Instagram stats when starting out is a great way to know what images and captions you should create more of in order to attract your target demographic.

5. Engage

Posting on Instagram is great, but if you are not connecting and engaging on other’s profiles then you are pretty much posting for YOU! In order to build the “know, like, and trust” factor, you need to engage with your target market!

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. Try implementing these steps over a week’s time and watch the growth your profile will make.

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