About - E.Y.E. Prosper Network


E.Y.E. Prosper is evolutionizing the way business is done.

We take business networking to a whole new level based on a collaborative model that gets business owners working together to build a trusted community of resources.

How do we do this? We’re committed to knowing our members thanks to regular interaction and communication with them. All businesses in the E.Y.E. Prosper Network are carefully vetted through a personalized intake process. This allows us to learn about you and your business needs so we can make connections that are meaningful on your behalf.

We feel that traditional networking has become very much like online dating: A lot of shallow talk about “me” then nothing transpires. E.Y.E. Prosper focuses on building solid business relationships, which means that we hand-select each connection and coordinate the meet-and-greet for you. I guess you could say we offer “personalized business matchmaking for professionals.”

The result of this kind of networking means that you are either giving or receiving desired services from vetted members who have your best interest at heart. In doing business this way, we take care of each other and create a community in which we all thrive together.

While E.Y.E. Prosper Network is primarily focused on business connections, consumers have access to our online directory of curated businesses. After all, the resources found here are just too good to be kept secret! With all the energy we put into vetting our businesses, and making sure our businesses prioritize client interaction and customer service, why shouldn’t everyone reap the benefits? We know that our marketing and social media campaigns reach more than just business owners. Curious consumers can enjoy using the businesses listed on our site, while business members benefit from increased visibility and connections. We are contagious in the best way possible!