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A picture paints a thousand words!

Instagram is THE “place-to-be” in regards to marketing your business. People can even find your Instagram account if they are looking for something on Google. That is amazing, right?! But that’s not all. Here are 5 ways to grow your Instagram account organically. These are 5 super simple tricks you can implement right away. 1. Optimize Your

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CAN WE TALK? Three steps to a successful call.

Congrats! The idea you had for a business has now become a reality! You go to networking events, attend trade shows, hand out business cards, use social media, send emails… you’ve pretty much done it all. Yet you find the energy you put into getting your brand out does not match the results.  What’s missing then? The answer is

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The Power of Collaboration

When I first created E.Y.E. Prosper Network I envisioned a community of like-minded businesses functioning as a cohesive group. This stemmed from my fundamental belief that to do good business people need to feel connected. It was, and is, my goal to provide a supportive environment that allows businesses to meet each other and flourish

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