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CAN WE TALK? Three steps to a successful call.

Congrats! The idea you had for a business has now become a reality! You go to networking events, attend trade shows, hand out business cards, use social media, send emails… you’ve pretty much done it all. Yet you find the energy you put into getting your brand out does not match the results
What’s missing then? The answer is simple. YOU are missing. 
Growing your client base does not require yet another unknown email, it requires you bringing your voice to your clients. After all, who has greater enthusiasm and knowledge about your product than you? Relationships with your potential and existing clients are everything in business. Speaking with clients allows you to develop the kind of rapport that can’t be done through email or social media. The banter and genuine human interaction you experience on a phone call provides an incredible opportunity to listen and gather information so that you and your services bring greater value and relevance to your clientsYou are now in control of what needs to be done and can create that urgency and enthusiasm required for your new or existing client to say yes to you. 
So what’s holding you back? Could it be…..
 – “I know, I really need to call but I just hate talking on the phone. It’s so much easier to email.”
 – “I just don’t know what to say.”
 – “I don’t want to bother them at work.” 
 – “What if they are annoyed with me for calling? Then I will lose them as “potential” clients.”
Here’s the good news, folks:  First and foremost, you can’t lose something that was never yours to begin with. You absolutely can learn what to say in a way that feels like you and builds relationships. Doing something out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean you won’t be good at it. It simply requires a plan and practice. 
Three steps to a successful call:
1) You must feel inspired and have a purpose for your call before you pick up the phone 
a) Why is this call going to be important to the person you are calling? 
b) How will it help them? 
c) What makes you feel excited about this call?
Is it sharing something you love and believe in with a potential new client that moves you? Are you excited about the unknown? Sometimes the idea of “what is this opportunity going to blossom into?” is an exciting notion by itself! Is it the challenge of getting them on the phone and holding their attention, knowing that they will be caught up in your enthusiasm? Is this call about you or them?  If it’s about you and the monetary results, then don’t make the call until your purpose for calling supports them. Don’t waste a call, because they won’t invite you back! Find your passion and your “why?” with every single call.
2) You must have a compelling story
What does your product do that makes your call interesting and different from every other call they get?  In reality, your client is buying you and the way you relate to them. Does your story get them interested in your product? How will you and your product help them? Beyond telling, you must actually feel your story. Are you enthusiastically telling it and being your authentic self or are you “playing a part” and hoping it all works in your favor? BE YOURSELF. People want the real you! 
3) You must make a confident recommendation that supports your story.
Are you sold on you and your product? If you have any doubt so will they! Your client must be sold on you and your ability to fulfill services before you even recommend them. They should be able to envision themselves utilizing your services, and should be aware of the benefits that come attached. If they are not excited about your offer, then you have not captured them and made it compelling for them to say yes to you. 
You are the key to your success. It is time to step into your “calling”! 

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