Benefits - E.Y.E. Prosper Network

member benefits

As an E.Y.E. Prosper member, you will enjoy:

Personalized Networking on Your Behalf

This is what sets us apart from all other networking groups. We handle all b2b introductions without you ever having to leave your home or office. From day one, we are focused on knowing your business and your goals.

Private Facebook Group

We know that building a strong business community means feeling connected to others. Our Facebook group is a place where members can share ideas, ask questions and support each other.

Ongoing Sales Support

While new media is an important and useful tool in business, it does not have the ability to develop rapport with another person. To convey passion and enthusiasm requires a human voice. We meet virtually once a month to provide sales support to all members. Additional one on one sales coaching is available as well. > Learn More

Member Networking and Referrals

As a member of our network, you become part of an intelligent business community of likeminded, fully vetted businesses owners who support each other. We know that personal referrals are like hitting the jackpot in business. Our members want to (and do, quite often!) refer each other to friends, clients and other E.Y.E. Prosper members because they know how valuable our services are. With E.Y.E. Prosper, we all prosper!

On Demand Support

We know that in business, unexpected challenges can pop up that require immediate attention, like tech glitches, or a second opinion—say, on an important email you’re sending out. We are here to help our members navigate hurdles and find solutions—whether it be finding the right resources in a pinch or having a competent person to problem solve with. We are only a phone call or email away during regular work hours (9 to 5).

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