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A Better You, Inc.

Life Coach
2001 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

(310) 367-5889

About A Better You, Inc.

Are you going through a transition and confused about your options? Is there a decision you’re having a hard time making? Do you feel stuck in your career, your relationships or in life? As Life Coach with my MA in Spiritual Psychology and a Coaching Certificate from the Wainwright Coaching Institute–I provide a safe, neutral, non-judgmental space for you to explore and discover what options best align with you. I use a variety of tools and practices that tap into your highest potential and assist you in getting crystal clear on what it is you want. We then set up an action plan that not only keeps you accountable for your each step along the way but ultimately you live the life you want and not the one you feel stuck with, living life on purpose with purpose! Namaste

What core values do you bring to your business?

The core values I bring to my business are a professional purposeful experience. I give you my full undivided attention with the understanding that the session is all about you. I am an excellent heart-centered listener who provides meaningful feedback so that you can fully obtain your goals. I believe in honesty, integrity, being punctual and being REAL. And I always have your best interest at heart.

How do you connect with clients to provide the best service possible?

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