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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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About Business Partner Pro

Dr. Dorene Lehavi, author of Business Partnership Essentials: A Step-by-Step Action Plan For Succeeding In Business With a Partner is a business coach, psychotherapist and relationships expert who has become known as the Rescuer of Business Partnerships. She shows business owners how to beat the odds that 70% of them will fail by ensuring a winning partnership from start to finish.
She created do-it-yourself tools to guide you from choosing the right partner, setting a strong foundation, preparing for the unexpected and if needed she knows how to rescue a partnership on the brink. Her one of a kind Business Partnership Agreement Template (BPAT) is the most essential tool to solidify a strong foundation. Her free Guide to Choosing The Right Partner is also available on her website along with other valuable information.
Dr. Lehavi’s experience with partnerships clearly demonstrates how the quality of the partnership relationship will clearly affect the bottom line in either direction.

What core values do you bring to your business?

Transparency, honesty and trust are critical to the success of how I relate and develop rapport with my clients. I ask deep questions that frequently emit the comment, ” I never thought of that”. I am a strengths builder and my clients find my feedback highly valuable.

How do you connect with clients to provide the best service possible?

My clients are from around the globe. Many have found me through my book..Amazon…and Linked In. Locally we meet in person, everywhere else, phone, Skype, FaceTime, etc.

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