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About GroovYoga

“Get Connected with Yourself & Your Potential!” GroovYoga is not your average yoga class! It’s a super fun Yoga Inspired Active Wellness Practice – Infusing high energy dance/fitness combinations, a balancing yoga flow series, meditation and mindfulness to elevate your heart rate and your mood with a total mind/body/spirit work out! This signature practice was created by Kathi Donnelly, a former competitive and professional dancer/gymnast and is currently a yoga/active wellness expert, entrepreneur and writer with unshakable positivity! She is deeply devoted to the happiness & health of our youth, families and the world! GroovYoga Positive Programs are all inclusive. Everyone is welcomed and Every Gift is recognized and appreciated! Teaching individuals, teams, schools and empowerment groups how to be fearless, creative, confident, compassionate, empathetic, expressive, collaborative, intelligent and connected! Join us for a lifetime supply of Peace -LOVE- GroovYoga

What core values do you bring to your business?

Our core value is connection… Connection to the self, everyone & everything! Connection fosters creativity, confidence, compassion, empathy, intelligence, clarity and consciousness that promotes a happy, healthy lifestyle :-) ” When we CONNECT with our unique gifts while recognizing and honoring others, we create YES success in ourselves, our community and the world! ” -Kathi Donnelly

How do you connect with clients to provide the best service possible?

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