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Jodi Baretz, LCSW, CHHC

4 Smith Ave, Mt Kisco, NY 10549

(917) 974-9446

About Jodi Baretz, LCSW, CHHC

Jodi is a psychotherapist, mindfulness and holistic health coach at The Center for Health and Healing in NY. Combining her diverse training, Jodi is uniquely qualified to help women address both their physical and emotional well-being while coping more effectively with the challenges of daily life. Jodi’s mission is to heal and transform women’s relationships with themselves, their bodies, as well as with friends and family. Jodi has a warm, authentic, humorous style that makes people feel immediately comfortable. She believes that changing your lifestyle and perception of life’s challenges matter most in achieving happiness and joy. “When you lessen the emotional weight, your whole being, including your body will become lighter.” Jodi is a writer and speaker on topics related to mindfulness, such as parenting, nutrition and stress reduction.

What core values do you bring to your business?

I love watching people transform when they learn to change how they think. I’ve always loved helping others and great pleasure from it

How do you connect with clients to provide the best service possible?

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