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Kate Allyson Creative

Storytelling Mentor and Book Editor
State College, PA

(814) 826-3824

About Kate Allyson Creative

Kate Allyson is a Storytelling Mentor and Book Editor. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers write their stories and share them with the world. Kate has been an avid reader since childhood and has an instinctive understanding for how to make a book stand out. She helps first-time authors make their stories compelling, clear, concise, complete, and consistent. She can guide you through the full book-writing process, from outlining your story to publishing. Kate believes that every one has a story worth sharing – what will people miss if you don’t share yours?

What core values do you bring to your business?

Everyone has a story worth sharing. The stories we tell ourselves are central to who we are, and the shape of our stories determines the shape of our lives. Telling your story is an opportunity to reshape your world and impact hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other people who are struggling just like you. You are special – share your story!

How do you connect with clients to provide the best service possible?

My goal is to bring my client’s vision to life. I spend time asking detailed questions about why you want to write a book, who you”re writing it for, and how it will help your audience. Once I understand your mission, we’ll work together, with weekly check-ins, to write and edit a book that you’ll be proud to publish!

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