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Root Vitality

Aptos, CA

(818) 512-6578

About Root Vitality

My mission is to support and empower women to become the most vibrant and healthy versions of themselves so that they can live out their unique purpose in life and realize their dreams. I help women of all ages to restore what I refer to as the “Root Vitality” of their minds, bodies and spirits. I do this by providing therapies that blend the cutting edge science of Functional Medicine Nutrition with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. When I work with women, I use lifestyle, nutrition, dietary supplements and herbal medicine to address the root cause of dysfunction in the body. With me, you can expect up-to-date and evidence-based nutrition care combined with practical Ayurvedic insights that will leave you empowered to recover your own “Root Vitality.”

What core values do you bring to your business?

Meeting my clients with compassion, having science as the foundation for my information and wisdom as the source of my guidance.

How do you connect with clients to provide the best service possible?

I connect with my clients first and foremost through compassion. I also see my clients through the lens of looking at their Ayurvedic Constitution and finally, I gain insight into my client by seeking to discover more about biochemical individuality.

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