Testimonials - E.Y.E. Prosper Network


Hugh Hughes

One of the things I like most about Eye Prosper is how easy it is to get involved and to participate. Gaye truly wants to connect people together, and her passion for that is made clear by support of our own organization. Not only does she go out of her way to connect me to others, but she is kind and willing to offer other creative ideas and resources to us all.

One other thing that I really appreciate about this community is that we all share something in common- we are all working daily to make our dreams a reality. When you have a network of dedicated, like-minded individuals and companies like this, you will find that there are more opportunities to be unlocked than you first thought.

Dr. Esther Feldman
Feldman Orthodontics

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something as unique as the E.Y.E Prosper Network. As an active member, it’s enabled me to connect with many like-minded community members from all across the US. These interactions have led to stimulating discussions regarding my business and allowed me to brainstorm with others on how to grow it in a conscious way that maintains my integrity and my objectives. The people I’ve been able to meet, whether virtually or in person, have all understood my mission immediately and they all share my same ideals. It’s truly incredible to find such a group, a collection of people with the right intentions who want to be a part of something that makes the world better.”

Kunle Oladehin, Executive Director
Everybody Dance Now!

“Gaye is the true definition of a connector. She is always looking for ways to bring people together and create synergy; she does it because she wants to see what’s possible when passionate people come together to help each other.

On a trip to the west coast, where we have some programs, she reached out to let me know who I should connect with while I was in town. Only getting to travel out west periodically for work, I welcomed the chance to meet with other leaders and entrepreneurs that I never would have met otherwise. Each recommendation led to a wealth of ideas for collaboration and expanding our network of support in and around LA.”

Wendy Obstler
Divine Spark Yoga

“As I navigate running my own business in our fast-paced modern world, being a member of the E.Y.E. Prosper Network has been such a gift. Founder Gaye Lalich has built such an incredible space for those in business to feel supported and in community with other like-minded individuals. I’ve been completely inspired by Gaye’s dedication to the community and by what my fellow E.Y.E. Prosper Network members are doing in the world. It’s truly an honor to be a part of this collective that is not only so special — but that is SO very necessary.”

Britta Ambauen Jewelry

“I have been a part of the E.Y.E. Prosper Network for over two years, and Gaye has become more and more of an asset to me and my jewelry business throughout that time.  Gaye reaches out on a regular basis to keep in touch, and offers support with any challenges I may be facing. She has provided me with generous training in phone sales techniques, and offered helpful follow up feedback.  On many occasions, she has introduced me to other business owners who have become apart of my professional community. I’m thrilled to be apart of the E.Y.E. Prosper Network, and look forward to creating more connection in years to come.”


Robin L. Carberry
Digital Marketing Strategist
Robin Rocks! Digital Marketing

“A client introduced me to Gaye and E.Y.E. Prosper Network, and it was one of the best (and most enjoyable) things I did for my business this year! First of all, a network that caters to business relationships and connections is pure genius. All of the business owners are screened, so I know there is synergy in the community.

Even better, once Gaye screens and accepts an applicant, she gets right to work on your behalf making introductions. Gaye knows each member and each member’s business, so she knows which connections could be beneficial to both sides. She is the ultimate business matchmaker. I have spoken with several wonderful people and work directly with two of them. That work is going so well that it’s developing into something more. Gaye just knows the right connections to make.

Gaye also has an intuition for the right time to check in to see how things are going. And she has so much to share with the community due to her entrepreneurial background and extensive sales experience. Gaye is a warm, wonderful, caring human – and I am thrilled that she accepted me into her circle of businesses.”

Nina Hayes, Yoga Instructor
Retreat Leader & Plant-based Chef

“I am  grateful for The E.Y.E. Prosper Network for connecting me with like-minded entrepreneurs and clients. Through the support of the Eye Prosper team, I’ve been able to grow my business in a sustainable way and most importantly in alignment with my mission of service and uplifting the lives of others.”

Gina Mazza
Partner with Creative One Marketing

“Gaye has a keen instinct for intuiting whom to connect, and at exactly the right time. The connections she has made for my business are incalculable in terms of the value.”