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The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

When I first created E.Y.E. Prosper Network I envisioned a community of like-minded businesses functioning as a cohesive group. This stemmed from my fundamental belief that to do good business people need to feel connected. It was, and is, my goal to provide a supportive environment that allows businesses to meet each other and flourish in ways they could not do on their own. By working this way I could see tremendous opportunities for our members to collaborate with each other and create new success stories.

Unfortunately, more often than not, when a project requires hiring people outside one’s own organization it can feel like you are being placed in charge of connecting the dots so that they can complete their work. I compare it to going to the doctor, seeing a bunch of specialists all making recommendations but no one speaking to each other to come up with the best solution for you. In all of our busyness to get to the next client we have become completely disconnected from each other and forget that our work is a unique opportunity to connect with people and have meaningful interactions.

My recent website updates have allowed me to experience collaboration at its best. Working with E.Y.E. Prosper members was a confirmation that bringing different areas of expertise together with like-minded individuals can create an experience unlike any other. What I found in practice was that I was no longer alone making important decisions. We were all on the same team. Ego and personal agenda began to disappear and what was left was a safe place where everyone could help each other do the work they love. 

So…..What makes collaboration with the right people so effective? EVERYTHING!!! Two heads are better than one and (in my case) four heads were certainly better than two! 

Working as a team increases creativity. Everyone works more efficiently reducing unnecessary additional costs and in turn saving time. When you surround yourself with other entrepreneurs you open the door to endless opportunities.

You get the idea.

 E.Y..E. Prosper Network is so much more than just business. We are a conscious community that has each others best interest at heart. It is from this place that collaboration functions at the highest level possible. Yes, we are indeed better together!

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